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I spend a lot of time developing and maintaining idiydownunder.com. While I do it out of a labour of love and interset, contributions to the project are always appreciated. So if you would like to support me with a donation you can do so here. Donations are manily used for hosting costs with a small portion going to development (aka coffee).

Any cash donations can be made through my PayPal.Me link. There is no minmun amount, even a small amount like enough to cover a cup of coffee for late night coding sections would go a long way. If cash is not your thing I also except crypto at the following wallets.

Monero (XMR):

Don't have the cash or the crypto to spare but still want to help? How about mining some Duino Coin with the Web Miner for a night or two.

What ever you chose, every little bit helps, Thank You.