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iconComputer Acronyms
-size: 9.61 KB
-size: 6.05 KB
iconA Novice's Guide To Hacking
-size: 8.58 KB
iconA Novice's Guide to Hacking 2004
-size: 40.75 KB
iconA Short HACKER SPEAK Glossary
-size: 9.78 KB
iconA Simple TCP Spoofing Attack
-size: 14.60 KB
iconGuide to Hacking with sub7
-size: 106.00 KB
iconHacking For Newbies
-size: 54.00 KB
iconHacking Wireless Networks for Dummies
-size: 10.97 MB
iconHacking for Dummies Volume 2
-size: 147.00 KB
iconLinux Smart Homes For Dummies
-size: 9.49 MB
iconLinux Complete Command Reference
-by J. Purcell
-size: 10.14 MB
iconHow to Build A Complete Website With Flash
-size: 517.12 KB
iconPHP and MySQL for Dummies Second Edition Mar 2004
-by Janet Valade
-size: 9.50 MB
iconWindows Vista Customization Manual
-size: 2.36 MB
icon204 Smoothie Recipes
-size: 187.54 KB
icon500 Recipes for Bread
-size: 381.64 KB
iconA Taste of China
-size: 400.63 KB
iconA Taste of Italy
-size: 403.50 KB
iconAppetizer Recipes
-size: 480.94 KB
iconBetty Crocker Cookie Book Recipes
-size: 464.01 KB
iconBetty Crocker cooking basics recipes
-size: 1.09 MB
iconCampbells Cookbook
-size: 9.87 MB
iconCheesecake Recipes
-size: 235.29 KB
iconChinese Vegetarian Cooking Recipes
-size: 1.13 MB
iconChocolate Fantasy 20 Recipes
-size: 169.21 KB
iconCooking By The Book
-size: 497.68 KB
iconCountry Cooking
-size: 560.93 KB
iconCrockpot Recipes
-size: 403.04 KB
iconDiabetic Recipes
-size: 180.28 KB
iconEmeril's Essence
-size: 1.03 KB
iconFavorite Camping Recipes
-size: 173.25 KB
iconFondue Recipes
-size: 191.24 KB
iconFun Kids Recipes
-size: 244.49 KB
iconGift In A Jar Recipes
-size: 366.20 KB
iconGifts In A Jar
-size: 602.66 KB
iconGood Eats, A Treasury of Favorite Recipes
-size: 306.82 KB
iconGreat Tastes
-size: 1.87 MB
iconHealthy Gourmet Recipes
-size: 435.35 KB
iconHealthy, Thrifty Meals
-size: 228.27 KB
iconIce Cream Delights
-size: 928.61 KB
iconIndian Recipes
-size: 259.08 KB
iconInternational recipes
-size: 137.42 KB
iconJamie Oliver - Sainsburys Recipes
-size: 273.27 KB
iconJamie Oliver - The Naked Chef 2
-size: 539.43 KB
iconJapanese Recipes 1
-size: 57.49 KB
iconJerky Recipes
-size: 204.37 KB
iconKnow Your Spices
-size: 379.17 KB
iconLe Cordon Bleu Recipe - Tarte Aux Pommes Classique
-size: 177.88 KB
iconLow-carb Recipe Secrets
-size: 635.80 KB
iconMastering the Art of French Cooking
-size: 92.47 MB
iconMexican Cooking
-size: 149.11 KB
iconProfessional Pizza Guide
-size: 203.95 KB
iconSalads Recipes
-size: 85.40 KB
iconSantesson Recipe Collection Aphrodisiac Cooking
-size: 129.86 KB
iconSantesson Recipe Collection Swedish Cooking
-size: 175.69 KB
iconSauces And Marinade Recipes
-size: 229.84 KB
iconSerious Kitchen play
-size: 1.67 MB
iconSoup Recipes
-size: 399.07 KB
iconThe 1918 Fanny Farmer Cookbook
-size: 948.75 KB
iconThe Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis
-size: 1.03 MB
iconThe Bread Baker Bible
-size: 767.33 KB
iconThe Cookin' Cajun
-size: 123.89 KB
iconThe Essential Seafood
-size: 790.12 KB
iconThe Greek Kitchen
-size: 611.90 KB
iconThe Oktoberfest Cookbook
-size: 501.68 KB
iconThe Salsa Book
-size: 1.03 MB
iconThe Versatile Egg
-size: 401.52 KB
iconThe Very Best Of Emeril
-size: 1.65 MB
iconTop 200 Recipes
-size: 729.80 KB
iconTrail Recipes
-size: 323.15 KB
iconElectricity and Magnetism
-size: 2.43 MB
iconElectronics for Dummies
-size: 19.94 MB
iconSolar Power Your Home For Dummies
-size: 7.13 MB
iconThe Illustrated Dictionary Of Electronics
-size: 5.65 MB
icon101 Outer Space Projects for the Evil Genius
-by Dave Prochnow
-size: 87.38 MB
icon101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius
-by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan
-size: 41.91 MB
icon123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius
-by Myke Predko
-size: 40.85 MB
icon22 Radio and Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius
-by Tom Petruzzellis
-size: 7.89 MB
icon46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius
-by Bob Bonnet and Dan Keen
-size: 2.22 MB
icon51 High-tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius
-by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan
-size: 11.13 MB
iconElectronic Circuits for the Evil Genius
-by Dave Cutcher
-size: 12.28 MB
iconElectronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius
-by Bob Iannini
-size: 66.72 MB
iconElectronic Games for the Evil Genius
-by Tom Petruzzellis
-size: 33.62 MB
iconFuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius
-by Gavin D.J. Harper
-size: 10.29 MB
iconMORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius
-by Bob Iannini
-size: 69.08 MB
iconSolar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius
-by Gavin D.J. Harper
-size: 9.40 MB
icon49:1 Unun Diagram
-by K1TA
-size: 134.48 KB
iconBuild Your Own Low-Power Transmitters
-size: 9.01 MB
iconHAM Radio for Dummies
-by H. Ward Silver
-size: 321.44 KB
iconHAM Radio for Non Techies Cheat Sheet
-by KI5NPL
-size: 4.41 MB
iconHAM Radio Cheat Sheet
-size: 411.92 KB
iconActivated carbon for purification of alcohol
-by Gert Strand
-size: 645.39 KB
iconBrewing Science and Practice
-size: 17.00 MB
iconDistilling with Botanicals - Pocket Series Guide
-by Still Spirits
-size: 7.78 MB
iconGin The StillDragon Way
-by Crozdog
-size: 2.26 MB
iconHomebrewing For Dummies
-by Marty Nachel
-size: 16.51 MB
iconOak Information Paper
-by Shea A.J. Comfort
-size: 196.89 KB
iconDefeating Electromagnetic Door Locks
-size: 68.43 KB
iconIllustrated Secrets of Lockpicking
-size: 193.33 KB
iconImprovised Lock Picks
-size: 2.46 MB
iconLock Picking CIA Field Operative Training Manual
-size: 2.20 MB
iconThe Complete Guide To Lockpicking
-size: 3.61 MB
iconFood Allergies for Dummies
-by Robert A. Wood, MD, with Joe Kraynak
-size: 6.75 MB
iconGale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol. 1 (A-B)
-size: 15.38 MB
iconGale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol. 2 (C-F)
-size: 15.53 MB
iconGale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol. 3 (G-M)
-size: 16.32 MB
iconGale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol. 4 (N-S)
-size: 18.08 MB
iconGale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol. 5 (T-Z)
-size: 13.95 MB
iconBody Language Dictionary
-size: 5.40 MB
iconBody Language
-size: 2.71 MB
iconGet Anyone To Do Anything
-size: 1.30 MB
iconHow To Develop A Perfect Memory
-size: 6.38 MB
iconHow to Get the Truth Out of Anyone
-size: 194.42 KB
iconKevin Mitnick - Art Of Deception
-size: 5.19 MB
iconCanada Emergency Measurses Organization - 11 Steps to Survival
-size: 929.36 KB
iconSAS Survival Guide
-size: 78.15 MB
iconThe Art Of Shen Ku - The Ultimate Traveler's Guide
-size: 24.57 MB
iconThe Zombie Survival Guide
-size: 19.89 MB
iconYou Will Survive Doomsday
-size: 1.96 MB
iconSurvival Manual (US Army Field Manual 21-76)
-size: 32.09 MB
iconPokemon TCG Rulebook (EN)
-size: 8.59 MB
iconResident Evil Cheats, Tips and Walkthrough
-size: 69.31 KB
iconDebian Install Doc (EN)(amd64)
-size: 631.17 KB
iconGpredict User Manual
-size: 1.92 MB
iconSDR# Big Book v5.5 EN
-by Paolo Romani
-size: 40.85 MB