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Site News

02/01/2023 - Yet more content added today, social media buttons and meta data are now working well. More backend code fixes and improvments have been completed as well.

11/12/2022 - Today some more content was added, as well as some backend in roads for social media links and sharing. SSL still not backup and running unfortunately, but soon hopefully.

27/08/2022 - So yet more new hardware later and the discovery that I've lost more code moduals than I relised, The rebuilding is going well and get to a point that I'll be add content back soon.

17/07/2022 - Well since the 'new' server died, it's been a bit of journy to get back to this stage. Although I'm happy to report that while most of the content is gone, I was able to backup most of the underlying code base, yes I obvioulsy lost the styling code. So in short it shouldn't take as long to get back up and running. Also happy to note I now have a much better backup management plan.

19/12/2021 - With another weekend of bug fixes, impovements and content adding almost over, I'm pleased to announce that two more resources have been added to site, 'Web Apps' and 'Retro ROMs'. I hope you enjoy these new areas as well as some of the new content added to other resources sections.

12/12/2021 - As the continus cycle of bug fixes and adding content continues, and couple of sneeky little improvements happened. First being an improvement to the file size reporting and the second being the ability to add links for 'Google Play' and 'App Store'.

04/12/2021 - Well there has been a bit of server down time lately and I have not had a chance to fix it until now. This happened right after the beta version of myTube went live. The good new is the site is back up and work on it continues.

02/09/2021 - Today work started on the MyTube section of the site. This is to be a knock off of YouTube, but hosted here and add free. As normal codding for this things will take some time and will be posted up as soon as it's in some kind of working state.

28/07/2021 - Today SSL was added to the server/site.

21/07/2021 - Today the server/site went live to the world.

17/05/2021 - Rewrighting the code/scripts for the site is going slowly, but progress is being made. New resouce sections are being added as they are completed. Although the process of adding content will come over time.

29/04/2021 - Well after my old server died, it was finally time to build a new one. So I'm happy anounce that I have collected the hardware, installed the OS and have started re-coding the old site from scatch as I've lost all the data from the old site. At this time the site is only availble to user on the local network, world wide access will becoming once the site is more operational.